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St Benignus NS, Balscadden, Dublin

Physical Activity


Playground Equipment

In Balscadden National School, we ensure the children are

given every opportunity to participate in physical activity. 

Each class are given playground equipment to use daily.

Equipment is timetabled on a weekly basis to ensure

children experience a wide variety of activity.


Music for Feel Good Fridays

Every Friday, the school has Feel Good Fridays with 

a fun playlists so the children can play and dance

at breaktime.


Playground leaders

Each class has two playground leaders who are responsible 

for the equipment for their class. The children ensure the 

equipment is taken out  to the yard and returned to the classroom

safely each day. 


Our Active Walkway Route and Activities

The school has installed an Active Walkway Route around the perimeter

of the school. The route is used for children to walk at break time, physical 

activity exercises and curricular activities.


Active Break Challenge

The whole school got involved in the Active Break Challenge. Each class

committed to doing a movement break every day for a week. This included

dancing, running, walkway activities and various exercises in the classroom.


Run around Ireland Challenge

The children took part in the active flag run around Ireland challenge. For each lap

of the active walkway, 1 km was marked off our journey. Our goal was to reach

famous places and landmarks around Ireland. The children enjoyed seeing how far

they could run. 


Festive Activities

The children take part in various festive activities throughout the

year. The children did Halloween physical activities, with senior classes 

doing games with the junior classes. All classes took part in our annual Santa

Dash, were the children wore Santa hats and ran our active Walkway.

On St. Patrick's Day, the whole school took part in a céilí in the school yard. 

At Easter time, the junior classes took part in an Easter hunt and were 

helped by the senior classes. The children really enjoy the festive activities 

and it's a great way to keep the children fit and healthy.